Jesse is a licensed Architect with a passion for design. His career started on site as a construction laborer and progressed into a carpenter. He learned the process and skills of construction and design from a tactile perspective, later becoming a residential design/build contractor. He attended architecture school in 2013 to gain a formal design education and return to his creative roots. During schooling Jesse interned at a variety of firms working on project types ranging luxury condominiums, high-end custom single family, office, mixed-use, and design competitions.

As an architect at RHAP, Jesse pulls from both his on-site background as well as conceptual designs and project metrics developed for each project. This carries through from early project concepts and schemes to technical details whether it be a traditional or modern design aesthetic. He takes inspiration from contemporary trends with an aim of creating designs rooted in place and time.


Bachelor of Architecture / University of Colorado Denver / 15'

Master of Architecture / University of Colorado Denver / 17'


Since moving to Colorado he has reconnected with his roots - deeply engaged in the Colorado lifestyle. He often spends his free time in the mountains skiing, rafting, and fishing.